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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 30, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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>> live and at large with a square request. are islamic radicals already taking advantage of the turmoil in the middle east? today in the nation with the current chaos sweeping egypt and other arab nations start tunisia outlawed terrorist organizations returned in triumph. is egypt next? welcome to the 2 hour report of the chaos in cairo and what it means to us in the united states. i am geraldo rivera.
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this man here is raqeed ganuchi lead of a group called renaissance outlawed in tonenesia for 22 years. with the strong man president benally and the up prizing that followed the fiery suicide of the shop keeper protesting corruption and repression the door was open for the triumphant return of mr. gonuchi and other exiled members of the outlawed nation. here he is before he left england. >> it's a small country such as tone near tunnesia it would be a surprise for them. however what's happening in egypt and what is happening in algeria and yemen and other countries is not a result of what happened it's the result of the injustice and corruption and repression that has existed in these countries and if it hadn't
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taken place this was gowned to happen. >> that's hum saying it's the same repression in all of these countries. haven't we seen this movie before like in 79 in iran when eye tola co main knee started the revolution that top telled the shaw of iran imposed a radical islamic government and changed the existing world order? isn't this what we fear most will happen next in egypt with the long outlawed muslim brotherhood already emerging from the shadows. remember egypt is the home of i'm ma'am al-zawahri the real commander of the group that hit the trade towers and mother of all organizations. with all of the talk on the streets of cairo, sue ez, alexandria and other ee depositiegyptian cities as a democratic up prizing. anybody who thinks these bad actors aren't looking for a chance to seize power is being
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dangerously naive. we will probe that threat from kr radical islam the peril to the christian community in egypt. the possible evacuation tomorrow of tens of thousands of americans and other westerners in egypt what it means to america, israel and the world. after a day of looting, armed rob bro and continued anti government protests we get the latest from the egyptian capital from dominique denata lishg in cairo. who if anybody is in charge there? >> that is a billion dollar question, geraldo. no one is entirely sure. the demonstrators they have actually seen the power here while hiding in his presidential palace mumbarik still clings on to his figurehead role refusing to cave into demands from his
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people -- shielding the people they are the ones keeping these two apart we will see who the military saves into you can see fresh tanks mobilizing on the streets of caro ahead of an expected 7th day of protests who knows how that plays out hour by hour. >> dominic stand by. we heard from the former nuclear watch dog muhammad mid albaridi the most prominent leaders in egypt. here's what he had to say. >> i came today to join you on the happiest day in our lives. today i can look at each one of you in the eye. today as egyptians you have taken back your rights to loif
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and freedom. what has begun cannot go back. the end of a regime and beginning of a new stage. >> dominic, here is the question, he's a great guy, i know him. a wonderful person. his daughter went to nyu but does he have any real following on the streets of cairo? >> he has a lot of popular spor supports behind him but casting a wide democratic process there's no guarantee. he's most certainly one of the leading voices of reason finally in egypt. when he gathered in the square, the square you could see behind me where we still have 5,000 protestors standing out in the freezing cold in cairo tonight. you know, his voice could hardly be heard above the crowds and people were just pleased to see him. unfortunately his words weren't
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strong enough to motivate the massive amounts of crowds that need to come in to over turn the government and start the proper democratic process. we have the voice of the people raled geraldo but no political power enforcing change. >> dominic, we will check back with you in the second hour. we heard from an investment banker who lives in a suburb of cairo who is extremely upset of the ma rawding bands of looters, the thieves, the armed robbers threatening every law abiding person in the capital city of egypt. muhammed joins me again tonight. are you still as fearful as you were last time? >> we are having to protect ourselv ourselves. the police have consistently abandoned us. nothing we can do. we are standing here. i am on a night watch time to
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protect my family. we are standing here beneath our homes with domestic weapons that we have. kitchen knives some have shotguns. we are standing here to protect ourselves. every now and then a bus of looters come up, they shoot at us, we start shooting back, we start throwing stones but there is no protection whatsoever. it is more or less every building or every person for themselves. we are trying to protect ourselves and protect the families of the entire square who are protesting on our behalf. they are not giving us a chance. we have to choose between either staying alive or having no security whatsoever. these are the only options we have. the people are standing up. the people are doing it. they are no longer scared. these looters are not the
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masses. they are not the egyptian masses. they are hired by government. it is unbelievable. i am telling you they have weapons they have everything. it is unbelievable. the police went to one of the prisons -- >> let me just explain that to our audience. thank you for joining us. please stay safe. they have released some of these thugs raided the prisons and released some of the inmates including some who are connected with radical islamist groups. ladies and gentlemen, remember there are tens of thousands of american tourists and students, diplomats and businessmen like mohammed fahdi in egypt. cairo announced the state department is making arrangements to get them out if they want to leave. julie banderas has that aspect of the story. >> geraldo,first americans were
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told not to travel to cairo now they are told to get out as they have deadly chaos with root looters roaming the streets and the u.s. embassy says it is making arrangements to begin flying americans out tomorrow. the state department says they need to be evacuated on charter plains. but the number is in the thousands and it will take a while to get everyone out. we are currently 50,000 americans in egypt right now. many are students with parents worried sick back here in the u.s. assistant secretary of state janice jacob says she expects it will take several flights over the coming days to handle such a large number of passengers. the evacuation plan goes like this. charters will go tomorrow from cairo and go to europe. they are looking at athens, grease, istanbul, turkey and
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cyprus as a destination and assures citizens there will be enough flights to take all american citizens out of egypt. americans with tickets on commercial carriers should a call about getting out. those who take the charter will be billed for the cost of the flight and will need to make their own travel arrangements after arriving in europe. other nations like jordan, saudi arabia have already done the same and now in additional flights to evacuate citizens as a growing number of flights are canceled suspended or delayed. iraq no stranger to chaos offered to evacuate it's citizens stranded in egypt free of charge. jet air says it was evacuating tourists from egypt and dispatching two jets. it is the wealthy who have the easiest way out.
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within the span of 4 hours 45 private jets flew out of the airport carrying a range of arabs, westerners and in some cases egyptian celebrities. those who need travel assistance are asked to call toll free 888-407-4747 if you are calling from the united states and canada. callers outside the united states 202-501-4444 or e-mail egypt emergency thank you so much. is this a dammed if we do dammed if we don't situations for the united states? do we ask them to suppress it violently or risk the most important arab state becoming a militant iran. a familiar face in the recent crisis john bolton former u.s. ambassador to the ue nighted nations. >> nice to see you.
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>> glad to be here. >> i am going to ask you to tonenesia. >> never one remembers the classic shot of the young student stopping the chinese army. look democracy is coming to china. wait that means turmoil and revolution is coming to china. that means turmoil revolution and chaos is coming to the rest of the world. do we continue to support -- china aside for a second. -- regimes friendly to the united states military oppressive directorial at the risk of alienating tunisia and egypt. >> we are doing it all over the middle east since roosevelt met during world war ii. >> and in latin america even before that.
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>> exactly. same notion, though, if we it a ten- n tiananmen square in the united states. the army is respected by the egyptian people. we have to understand the regime in egypt is the army, is the military. it's not just mubarak. a lot of what's happening, you don't see it on tv cameras it's negotiations behind the scene among military leaders. >> i wonder whether their conversations interrally among themselves is really all this will take. is this out of their control as well? do they feel they can suppress anarchy? >> i don't think anybody knows what the outcome will be. there's a lot of uncertainty. when you hear sweeping predictions about what comes next take it with a huge grain of salt. i don't think they want anything to do with the widespread force against the people.
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they want to contrast themselves with the police. make no mistake about it the military is not going to go quietly. they invite stability in the state and they are going to insist on that as the price of any deal. >> they do in turkey not much in iran. stand by we will be live in tunisia for a first hand report on the impact of the return of the radical cleric. ♪ it's true. you never forget your first subaru.
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>> if push comes to shove what can the united states do to protect the embassy and people. former marine and cia operator who spent time in egypt. he rescued children all over the world for the recovery of children. that is him on the left. what happens if an narc key rules in the streets of egypt. scott tailor navy seal formerly and does security work in the middle east. scott you first. is there anything you can do to protect our embassy and folks in cairo? would you suggest people go to the embassy, airport, the hotel? >> i would not suggest they go to the embassy or airport. with the anti-american rhetoric you may have a potential program outside of the american embassy not just the american embassy in egypt but other countries such as yemen and georgia, too.
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i would defer merp stit z ameri citizens from going to the embassy. unless they know they are safe. >> internet is still down. phone service is spotty. you are a man of action but would you council if the israeli chaos out the window hunkering down getting groceries getting a good book and wait this thing out? >> like ambassador bolton said i think it's going to be hard to figure out how that plays out. we know as past experience a country can go upside down overnight. the state department has a good evacuation plan. however we have to consider what happens to people that are in remote areas, other u.s. citizens. very much like what scott is saying i think you have to first do a good threat assessment of the area you are in to determine what is the safest route you are
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going to move to whether it happens to be the embassy or state department evacuation plan. if in fact it gets so bad you miss the evacuation process and have to consider things like making it to the border or in fact as you are saying hungering down and waiting it out. >> long way to the border. romul didn't make it. >> it is a long way to the border. but sometimes you don't have a choice depending how bad it gets. it's something that has to be considered. you have to put that evacuation plan in early. those routes that you are going to take in and out and the mode of transportation and communication that's going to be available to you. one of the things we need to encourage people to do is if in fact they can get a hold of the proper education whether it is e-mail or cell phone or radio to monitor what's taking place that's important right now. >> they shut down al-jazeera also. you think they are putting a lid on it or is it in the egyptian
9:20 pm
army's control, too? >> as far as what? >> as far as protecting farms? >> i think the army has an integral roll to play in this. like the ambassador was saying behind the scenes they are jocking for power they have a role to play in this and they will have a future role as well. >> on that note put it on pause. we will be back. trying to establish our commune tation to tunisia. [ male anunce] at&t has big news about the new motorola bravo. no, not its brilliant touch screen or android operating system. ok go ahead. it's just $49.99. only from at&t. rethink possible.
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>> take a look at a map of cairo. tell me how far the american embassy is from the square? >> it is close. a little lower in the picture from the square right next to the british embassy there are
9:24 pm
three major hotels one catty-cornerer and one up near the egyptian museum. a lot right near where the demonstrations are taking place. >> you would think the army to concentrate the force to protect foreigners as they did in baghdad in the darkest hours. >> one of the first military deployments was to protect the u.k. add american embassies. >> are you there? i want to ask you quickly, do you think unlike the situation in tehran that now our embassies are harder and will fight more vigorously to defend themselves? >> i do think our embassies will fight to protect themselves keep in mind most american embassies around the world security forces around them are local indigenous security forces. >> and u.s. marines inside.
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>> u.s. marines inside. i have the utmost confidence in them protecting the embassy depending on the nation it gets spotty as far as the security forces outside. >> remember theal lamb m alamo. in tunisia where you recall all of this started of an exiled leader and many of the renaissance followers. what impact does that have on that still shaken nation of relatively moderate pro western nation. we go live to tunisia jake from global radio news joins us. what's been the reaction so far? >> how are you doing,geraldo. there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding his return because it has been so long there has ever been -- there's never been a farrell election here. a lot of people don't really know where partieds stand and who they are going to vote for. overall there's a lot of strong
9:26 pm
secularism but there's work for moderate islamism which is what they see mr. gunuchi representing. >> he is not a company main ayn knee. he compares himself to turkey. can any one know after 23 years? >> of course there's a lot of uncertainty. i has never had any power. we don't know if he gets power what he will act like. a lot of people see him as an anti corruption candidate. a lot of people hope he will be less corrupt maybe they see his islam as making him -- >> has calm returned to the streets there? >> overall, yes. my city still has a 10:00 p.m. curfew. i heard at the capit capital the
9:27 pm
protests. >> nice talking to you. >> they are part of the dc based foundation for defense of democracy, former senior officials in one of egypt's democratic parties. what do you think? are you optimistic? >> how do you say it? >> kire. >> go ahead. >> i am cautiously optimistic. we have to look at this situation like western europe after world war ii. people who took to the streets were not islamists they were regular people. this is the big surprise two people who observed the region and expect islamists to be the only opposition. they are an important part of the society.
9:28 pm
they are the best organized position but we have to look at them like europe after world war ii and the communists. countries like italy and france had real risks of communists taking over and what happened is they were within a democratic system. people who believe in liberal democracy should also rely on the help of natural allies as islamists have their own allies. today the opposition is united in egypt around a program around a plan around a transition that can be over seen with the military under the condition that it gives all of the power to the opposition to carry out the necessary reform to establish -- >> i don't think -- that's a nonstarter. i hate to say it but there's no way the military will a happene over the power to the opposition. they are trying to do appoint this guy the former security chief of general they are trying to slide through at least this
9:29 pm
end of this term this fall for mumbarak and hope to elect somebody else from his party. they are not going to let the opposition guy take over unless there's a lot more -- put that aside. i will give awe chance to rebuttal but i want to go to marco who is director of global strategy project geopolitical research and analysis. thanks for being here. does museum b mumbarak stay or ? >> he himself has to go. it's a matter of time. the question is how and when? obviously he's over stayed his welcome. that's the bottom line. he did serve a purpose for quite a while. he was a good ally to the united states. after 30 years in power people think they have a sense of invincibility that they can stay and do whatever they want. if the idea was to pass on to his son that's a nonstarter. i think a lot of it is an accumulation over time over the last ten years a bit more maybe
9:30 pm
you have lack of political opening lack of political opportunity. remember two-thirds of the population are under the age of 30. all they know if mumbarak and you have the economic crisis. in places likely egypt. you guys stand by. the question is whether this ends in an explosion or an evolution. we will probe that possibility f-16's flying over cairo to show of force egyptian air force jets the military flexing muscles but not really using it. we will be right back continuing coverage after this. [ male announcer ] in the event of a collision, the smartest thing you could do is cut the fuel supply... ♪ ...unlock the doors, and turn on the hazard lights. or better yet, get a car that automatically does it for you.
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>> the united states has said we want a democratic middle east at the same time the government supported this dictator in egypt. a free egypt means there's a possibility for democracy there that the people can decide what kind of government they want in the middle east. we should support that. >> the question is what if they make a decision we don't like, a decision harmful to u.s. interests as we perceive them. more demonstrations in the united statyou and support for the egyptian protestors. casey seigel is live on what's been happening including a fairly large demo before the sunset in l.a.
9:34 pm
casey, tell us about it. >> good to see you. some of the largest rallies in fact have been right here in california because a lot of people do not know this but the golden state is home to the largest population of egyptian americans in the whole country. the street koe corner behind me quiet now but it was a different story a couple of hours ago when dozens of people filled the sidewalks in front of the egyptian consulate in los angeles. these demonstrations have been peaceful across the nation. nothing at all like the pictures we are seeing coming out of egypt. houses of people gathering in dozens of cities showing solidarity and asking president mumbarak to step down. take you to other events. the next stop chicago the windy city. they estimate roughly 600 folks gathered outside of the consulate yesterday and in minneapolis they took to the steps of the state capitol building showing support for family and friends in egypt
9:35 pm
chanting mumbarak must go. in tampa, florida this was the scene they were carrying signs an waving flags for freedom many of whom have family in egypt in the midst of these clashes. >> we want them to have democracy. we hope our government will do everything they can to support the people of egypt and their families. >> places like facebook and my space and twitter and word was spreading more quickly as more of the cities cropping upholding events like this. today there is stuff in washington state in dc and houston, texas. >> casey seigel in l.a. thank i appreciate it. i want to go back to the former cia special operator and marine. if you were in cairo right now or you were talking to a student in cairo right now, would you
9:36 pm
advise them to lelt their neighbors know they are american? >> can you put that another way geraldo? >> should americans in cairo let people know they are american? >> you know what, i think right now i wouldn't to be honest with you. i would keep a low profile. i would dress very unamerican. i would not frequent places that americans have known to frequent. i would play low key and not be a curious sam. stay away from the action. during a time of evacuation take advantage of it and get out. you can always go back when things get more stable. >> that's good advice. waleed faris joins us. do you know the guy grenuchi who returned from exile to tunisia. do you know him? do you fear him?
9:37 pm
>> it's not about fear it's about understanding his agenda. agenda chapter 1 go back to tune negotiate yaw and he can b -- t. crafting of those who are in charge of tunisia the coalition most of whom should make sure he is part of the process but not the leader of tunisia at this point in time. >> john bolton with us the entire two hours vm you have a strong secular tradition that grown-up in the secular community in tunisia longer with the french and lots of tourists. many of the women don't wear bur burka's and head scarfs what happens now? >> the woman are against islam sichl in the middle east. in the post colonial era many
9:38 pm
from national lists secular and socialists. they are a secular -- >> secular nonreligion. >> encourage resistance. the arrival of the particular leader back in tunisia he wants to get established after having been away in eeks i'll for -- e 20 plus years. his agenda is very clear. >> he has been in england all of this time makes me think who else is in england. >> a lot of radicalization of muslims in england as we have seen from the bombings of the london transportation system a few years ago. >> as we mentioned last night most like most arab yagss egypt has a very large christian population. in some 12-15 percent that's as many as 10 million egyptians many of whom -- christian egyptians many who were feeling that way before current crisis after that suicide bombing in southern egypt we told you about
9:39 pm
last night earlier this month it claimed 6 lives wounded nine others. craig is at the church in jersey city. tell us the name of the church and who is with you now? >> geraldo, well thousands of worshippers gathered here at the vi saint george orthodox church to pray for their loved ones. most of these persons have friends and relative the living in the cities and with the phones and internet severely hampered they are clinging to whatever information they can. have catholics been able to have service? >> yes, i spoke to them in alexandria and regular prayer everybody live in peace. called for peace in egypt for
9:40 pm
priz ton must be b mubarak. pray for peace we want mubarak safe. >> you want president mubarak there. >> i am with a law student, raled do i. she has been in egypt recently and you have been in touch with your family. are are they doing today? >> thank god we have been in touch with them recently. they are doing well. they barricaded themselves in the house all entrances and doorways balconies have been barricaded and closed and the men have been standing guard outside of the house trying to protect their children and wives. they only go out to get provision and try to come back before curfew so they don't run into any trouble with any militants or any one there. >> during your recent visit what is your impression on why there's so much upheaval? >> it is obvious people are discontent with the state there.
9:41 pm
they are very frustrated with the way they were living, unemployment levels have riz sen in the past years three quarters of the youth are currently unemployed. inflation has effected the simple necessities food, water. there is no job stability. no educations. kids don't go to school any more because there's simply no point. with a state like that it is obvious this was coming. what about the transition. do you want to see mubarak leave or what? what is your opinion? >> honestly it's very hard but i want him to stastay. >> why? >> he can protect egypt. he will be able to protect the christian in egypt. >> you are afraid of what will happen without him? >> i have so much belief. the muslims the neighbor i grew up with he is a holy man.
9:42 pm
i know he is going to protect me as well as he is going to protect himself. >> geraldo? >> many opinions and right now they are saying they want to keep mubarak in there. >> i am not surprised. look how many christians are there in iran and where are they living? waves some place or most have gone. how many jews are there in the arab world? it's not exactly a toll rapt society in many of these more repressive regime. that go the other way. religious repression rather than a-thor tate tive. >> i want to go back to you later in the special report. folks that is very, very telling. you know be careful what you wish for? idealistic democracy and then
9:43 pm
they start persecuting the christians. we have to be careful what you wish for. our coverage continues after this. rge ] psst. constated? phillips' caplet use gnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally wityour colon than stimulant xatives, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna... no, not its brilliant touch screen or android operating system. ok go ahead. it's just $49.99. only from at&t. rethink possible.
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>> we are back live our special 2 our coverage of the chaos in cairo and egypt. we were talking about how many of the christian communities there have played an integral role in modern egypt. former prime minister high ranking officials and now they are feeling the war rethat change might affect their status in the stunity. here to discuss how the surpr u rising might effect the scores of christians there. nice to see you. >> thank you.
9:47 pm
oh >> big stuff hatching for egypt. this is an egyptian up rising. it is not a muslim up rising it's not a christian up rising it's an egyptian up rising. that is a positive thing. i have covered a lot of stories in turkey for fox this is a muslim up rising. we can say today not that there is not fears that can be sere i didn't say things happening for the christians in the future. but today we have christians who are standing outside of the mosques promising in the prayers on friday they are going to be protecting the muslims from any sort of lieutenant looters who them a hard time. not to say there's not fear in the future. >> the church are so worried about the future they are
9:48 pm
willing to stick with mubarak. >> what are we hoping for in united states of america, a fair and free election. what would happen if there was a fair and free election in egypt today? >> it may not happen. >> right now we can only hope that somebody whether it's from the military or somewhere else someone that says religious liberty is a universal human right even if the majority were to say nope you don't have a right to worship freely that that would be wrong even if it were the majority. what we can hope is that if there is a free and farrell election that religious liberties together with the human rights is protected not because the majority had decided but because it's a universal human right. we are not sure that's going to happen. >> enamel ambassador bolton when he asked the egyptian government
9:49 pm
to condemn the violence earlier in the month he was declared persona noglota. >> i think what the christians have already seen attacks on them attacks on their churches. >> although i hope the father is right. >> they have done pretty well in a secular society, secretary general of the united nations. they very much fear -- >> an egyptian christian. >> they fear what happened in iraq and islam where the islamist -- or pro islamist regimes discriminated against christians. i spoke to many officials in the vatican after they over flew sadam they were wored about about what would happen next. that's one of the elements in the calculus that would indicate caution before we jump wholeheartedly into an election. nobody can speak for what public
9:50 pm
opinion is. >> much more on this angle,remember israel. we hear from the prominent jewish voice after this. ñ
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
meteorology,meteorologist>> in this interim period i don't see if it is true the general will leave the country. i don't see any change in the relations between israel and egypt since the generals around president mubarak since they are committed to peace are committed
9:54 pm
to the relations with the united states and the west. the point is the big question is what will happen after the elections, who will come to power. >> you have former israeli president keyed allen solo is the chairman of the conference of president of the major american jewish organization live in chicago. welcome aboard. since camp david egypt has been israel's best friend. now i know the jews in america arou and around the world are concerned where do we go from here? >> i think we don't know yet. stability is a cause of concern to jews around the world those in america and those in israel. we are anxiously awaiting what will be the outcome. the comments of the former ambassador you just played are
9:55 pm
quite accurate in the essential that we know where the egyptian military stands but we don't know what the result would be of a free election. >> if the -- if there is an islamist government voted into power even one like turkey you think the peace treaty between israel and egypt will be sustained? >> we are hopeful it will be. to begin with we ought to emphasize egypt's relations with the united states are very important to egypt. they provide considerable aid and other support to egypt. one of the basic principles i think of the american egyptian relationship going forward under any new egyptian government that might emerge will be a requirement that egypt add here to the peace treaty with israel. second of all the peace treat we with israel han good for egypt good for israel and good for the united states. one would like to think in a hopeful sense one egyptian
9:56 pm
government will continue to be supportive of that peace agreement. however it is correct it is a matter of concern we need to watch carefully. what we would like to see emerge in egypt whether it is under president mu ba mubarak is someo is friendly with the rest and at peace with israel. >> y-he we would for sure. >> what worries me spending time with gaza that border is now closed. even if they keep the peace treaty and they start digging the smuggling -- i am sure you have worried about that one. >> indeindeed. the tunnels that have allowed the arms from egypt into gaza have been a continuing problem for israel even in the recent months when there has been
9:57 pm
relatively calm there were continued attack from gaza to southern israel which is unacceptable. between egypt and gaza would be problematic. again i think the egyptians understand it is not in their interest to have the gazians. we all pray that you are right. maybe it can be an example that even a religious organized group taking over can still maintain this relative calmness. >> they will if they use god tive eng given reason. it doesn't take you -- doesn't take religious truth that they respect the right for religious freedom. that's human reason. we can get it. we can do it. >> we can get it more after this. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently
9:58 pm
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